Tina Featherheart's - School for the Rising Healer


Are you ready to say YES to activating your Magic and becoming the Healer and Lightworker you are truly destined to become?

Then you are in the right place.


    WELCOME to my Vortex

    My name is Tina Featherheart -

    Leading Spiritual Healer, High
    and Transformation Bodywork Coach

    I have made a stand to support you to activate the Dormant Healer within and to Rise in your light - guilt and shame FREE.

    You’re are highly skilled, right - with a variety of modalities and just cant seems to allow them to be tangible enough  to begin your Healing Practice.

    Or light and energy just flows through you and you’ve had
    experiences with healing that you just know are powerful and  beyond this third dimension reality - and you want more.

    I’m here to support you to unlock your blocks

    To get laser lucid clear on what and how to present yourself to the world.

    And how to Package yourself up, so that you can become a powerful part in assisting others on their transformational journey.

    We have a lot on offer

    If you’d like to know more I m offering a FREE DISCOVERY CALL.

    Book in today on the link below.


    60 DAY OFFER

    Sacred Soul Immersion

    60 day sacred immersion to uncover your sacred purpose and healing gifts to create the life and money you truly desire.

    • Solidify and open up to your true purpose.

    • Learn processes to raise your vibration for good and to become a magnetic energy for your soul clients.

    • Unlock your gifts, package then up and share them with the world around you

    ONLINE Lomi Lomi Massage Training.

    Healing and massage is an artform and in this sacred and unique online training you will not only heal and release your blocks around confidence and power within your workplace, but learn all the aspects, techniques and tools of Hawaiian massage in a safe, secure and supportive environment. 


    • If you have a massage table and a willing body to practice on then this is for you.

    • Learn the secrets of the Hawaiian Healing modalities.

    • Build Aloha and Mana (Love and Power) together as we flow into this beautiful practice.

    Heres What Others are Saying!

    Over the years of my own personal development and growth, there have been key mentors which have made a significant mark in my life for their dedication, light, encouragement and ability to support my growth.   It has always been a goal of mine to be able to serve at a high and heartfelt level.   This is my commitment to you


    Wow! I never expected this course to be so spiritually transformational, but that is just what Tina created..  Tina held space in her powerful but gentle way. She taught me all I needed to know so I could go away with the practical techniques and the ability to harness my power for healing others. I didn't just leave with techniques and worksheets, I left with a tight-knit and strong sisterhood, a shared sacred experience to hold in my hearts and a mentor to assist us for years to come. Thank you for the magical experience and for gifting us with your wisdom!   

    Kien - Mullumbimby

    Natural Therapist

    Tina is a shamaness, her hands hold heat, sending tingles down my spine from the beginning. Definitely be back again  



    Louise Davis

    Regular Client

    I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Tina during our Immersion - Her ability to truly see me for who I am shifted me into a safe enough space to be able to release that which was in my way - I am now a confident practitioner

    Angel Butler



    Always know what you’ll pay.


    $19/One time payment 

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    $49/One time payment 

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