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Tinas ability to teach respect, love and utter reverance for the human being on the table is profound.  This approach is critical for creating a sense of safety as well as healing the recipiant and is sometimes not well understood or practised by therpaists.  Im so greateful and impressed by the quality of this training.

Tammy, Northern NSW 

Lomi Lomi Level 1 and 2 were both extraordinary courses.  Tina is an incredible facilitator.   I particularly appreciate her generosity in sharing her immense knowledge.  She is skilled at holding space, building trust and valuing every single participant.

Nikki, Byron Bay

Tina is wonderful.  This is the best course I have ever done.  Loved it even better than my remedial diploma.


Marc, Suffold Park


Level 3 is next Level and will allow your skills to advance profoundly

Costs include jam-packed Huna (Secret) training

All Vegetarian food on Live Trainings

Extensive Notes, Videos and Certification.


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